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Esoterism as Principle and as Way pdf books
Title:Esoterism as Principle and as Way
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
Number of Pages:240

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Jim Goad's Gigantic Book of Sex

Jim Goad s Gigantic Book of Sex

Jim Goad doesn t pull his punches Brutally honest without worrying about being correct Chuck Palahniuk author of i Fight Club i br br Jim Goad is an amazing writer Margaret Cho Salon com br br The author of the notorious zine i ANSWER Me Shit Magnet i Feral House and the best selling i Redneck Manifesto i Simon amp Schuster lampoons every imaginable aspect of human sexuality in hilarious illustrated full color R rated pages br br Included are chapters like br Strange Sex Laws br The Cocks of Rock br Fun n Obscure Sex Slang br Sex Toys That Time Forgot br Viagra for Masochists br I Always Vote for Bush br br Jim Goad has contributed to i Playboy Penthouse Hustler Bizarre New York Press The San Francisco Bay Guardian i and i VICE i His controversial writing and life have been profiled in i The New York Times TIME The Village Voice i and i Spin i He lives in Pennsylvania

Understanding Islam

Understanding Islam

b i Islam is the meeting between God as such and man as such Islam confronts what is immutable in God with what is permanent in man i b br br These are the opening words of what has become a classic work on Islam perhaps the most misunderstood of the great Revelations And yet the purpose of this book is not so much to give a description of Islam as to explain why Moslems believe in it Both Westerners unfamiliar with Islam and Moslems seeking a deeper understanding of the basis of faith will be struck by Schuon s masterful elucidation of the spiritual world of Islam br br Schuon s foundation is always the intrinsic nature of things rather than any confessional point of view This perspective opens up new avenues of approach and surprising insights into the five pillars of faith the Quran the Sunna the Prophet and the esoteric dimension which is the kernel of Moslem spirituality A hallmark of the author s perspective is an intellectual universality which in examining a given religious framework readily draws upon parallels and concepts from other traditions especially that of the Vedanta For what is needed in our time and indeed in every age remote from the origins of Revelation is to rediscover the truths written in an eternal script in the very substance of man s spirit

Essential Frithjof Schuon

Essential Frithjof Schuon

Frithjof Schuon had a unique ability to penetrate to the heart if the world s great spiritual traditions revealing new dimensions that astounded general readers and scholars alike Schuon s insights on religion prayer the spiritual life aesthetics and philosophy shine throughout this book

Logic and Transcendence

Logic and Transcendence

Logic and Transcendence br This work is a veritable hymn to the intellect and of the intellect It penetrates in unparalleled fashion into the labyrinth of modem philosophical thought to unveil solutions to problems which would seem to be otherwise insoluble In fact most often Schuon provides solutions for currently debated philosophical problems by demonstrating them to be the results of ill posed questions He removes the opaqueness and ambiguity of modem rationalism and irrationalism like the morning sun whose very appearance dispels the fog This work is one of Schuon s metaphysical masterpieces and one of the most important philosophical works of this century if philosophy be understood in its traditional sense as the love of wisdom br Seyyed Hossein Nasr

Eye of the Heart

Eye of the Heart

Essays covering a wide range of subjects spiritual symbolism the afterlife and more

The Fullness of God: Frithjof Schuon on Christianity

The Fullness of God Frithjof Schuon on Christianity

For the first time this book collects from Schuon s vast corpus his writings on Christianity including selections from his personal correspondence and other previously unpunblished materials

Sufism: Veil and Quintessence: A New Translation with Selected Letters

Sufism Veil and Quintessence A New Translation with Selected Letters

A revised translation of previously unpublished selections from the Perennial Philosophy metaphysician s letters and private writings makes a critical distinction between an absolute Islam and a contingent Islam in a new edition that is complemented by a glossary and extensive editor notes Original

Gnosis: Divine Wisdom: A New Translation with Selected Letters

Gnosis Divine Wisdom A New Translation with Selected Letters

This new edition of Frithjof Schuon s classic work Gnosis Divine Wisdom is a fully revised translation of the most recent French edition and has an extensive Appendix containing previously unpublished letters and other private writings

Light on the Ancient Worlds: A New Translation with Selected Letters

Light on the Ancient Worlds A New Translation with Selected Letters

These essays examines the spiritual patrimony of humanity

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