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Esoterisme Shi'ite, Ses Racines Et Ses Prolongements pdf books
Title:Esoterisme Shi'ite, Ses Racines Et Ses Prolongements
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
Number of Pages:830

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Josquin Im Deutschland Des 16. Jahrhunderts: Zwischen Kanon Und Geschichte

Josquin Im Deutschland Des Jahrhunderts Zwischen Kanon Und Geschichte

No other composer before Josquin Desprez c was appreciated in such a broad way especially beyond elitist musician circles It is not for nothing that his influential th century afterlife has been compared to the afterlife of Beethoven in the th century The present study investigates the German speaking areas where the reception of Josquin was enormously rich The sources led to an outline by reception paradigms These paradigms canonisation heroisation literarisation and historicisation reveal the rootage of Josquin s reception in th century cultural history and point especially to the importance of humanistic circles for the estimation of musical authorship and polyphonic art music Accordingly a wide field of sources and protagonists was considered ranging from musical manuscripts to humanistic panegyrics from composers and music theorists to theologians rhetoricians and philosophers among them the church reformer Philipp Melanchthon who valued Josquin at eye level with Homer Caesar and Ovid thus with the greatest names of intellectual and cultural history at that time

The Divine Guide in Early Shi'ism: The Sources of Esotericism in Islam

The Divine Guide in Early Shi ism The Sources of Esotericism in Islam

The Imam the Divine Guide is the central point around which the Shi ite religion turns The power of Shi ism comes from the actions of the Imam This title is reserved exclusively for the sucessors of the prophets in their mission The author shows that from the beginning of Shi ite Islam until the tenth century the Imam was primarily a master of knowledge with supernatural powers not a jurist theologian The Imam is the threshold through which God and the creatures communicate He is thus a cosmic necessity the key and the center of the universal economy of the sacred br br The author presents Shi ism as a religion founded on double dimensions where the role of the leader remains constantly central perpetual initiation into divine secrets and continued confrontation with anti initiation forces Without esotericism exotericism loses its meaning Early Imamism is an esoteric doctrine Historically then at the beginning of esotericism in Islam we find an initiatory mystical and occultist doctrine This is the first book to systematically explore the immense literature attributed to the Imams themselves in order to recover the authentic original vision It restores an essential source of esotericism in the world of Islam

Dizionario Del Corano

Dizionario Del Corano

Oltre brevi saggi per conoscere il Libro Santo dei musulmani br Voci a cura dei pi importanti islamologi di Francia Italia Belgio Tunisia Algeria Israele e Iran br L islam e la civilt islamica in una prospettiva storica e geografica e nel rapporto con le altre religioni br Un opera scientifica destinata al grande pubblico con la grande ambizione di essere anche e soprattutto civica

Spirituality of Shi'i Islam: Beliefs and Practices

Spirituality of Shi i Islam Beliefs and Practices

The second largest branch of Islam with between and million adherents across the globe Shi i Islam is becoming an increasingly significant force in contemporary politics especially in the Middle East This makes an informed understanding of its fundamental spiritual beliefs and practices both necessary and timely Mohammad Ali Amir Moezzi is one of the most distinguished scholars of Shi i history and theology and in this volume he offers a wide ranging and engaging survey of the core texts of Shi i Islam Examining in turn the origins and later developments of Shi i spirituality the author reveals the profoundly esoteric nature of the beliefs which accrued to the figures of the early Imams and which became associated with their interaction between the material and spiritual worlds Many of these beliefs have remained much misunderstood even within the wider Muslim world Furthermore Western scholarship has tended to follow the lead of the earlier orientalists and critics viewing Shi i teachings as marginal In this study the author shows by contrast how central and creative the very nature of spirituality was to the development of Shi i Islam as well as to classical Muslim civilisation as a whole In this comprehensive treatment the esoteric nature of Shi i spirituality emerges as an essential phenomenon for understanding Shi i Islam x D

Le Coran silencieux et le Coran parlant

Le Coran silencieux et le Coran parlant

Les tout premiers si cles de l islam sont marqu s par deux faits majeurs indissolublement li s l laboration des sources scripturaires savoir le Coran et le Hadith et une violence chronique se manifestant principalement sous forme de guerres civiles Batailles du Proph te violences autour de la succession de Mahomet guerres d apostasie sous le premier calife Ab Bakr interminables cycles de r pressions et de r voltes sanglantes Au m me moment s laborent les Ecritures progressivement distingu es en paroles divines et traditions proph tiques dont la forme et le contenu ont t sources de conflits et de d bats pendant plusieurs si cles Cet ouvrage tudie pour la premi re fois l articulation entre les deux ph nom nes travers l examen minutieux des textes anciens Une nouvelle grille de lecture des d buts de l islam loin de toute diabolisation

What Is Shi'i Islam?: An Introduction

What Is Shi i Islam An Introduction

For the public at large Shi ism often implies a host of confused representations suggesting more often than not obscurantism intolerance political violence and other ignominies running hot or cold in response to world events In fact for many people Shi ism stands for radical Islam or worse Islamic terrorism In some respects nothing is more familiar than Shi ism and yet nothing is more misunderstood For some twenty years the media have increased their coverage of the phenomenon Never or only rarely do they formulate the question we ask here what is Shi ism What is this belief that inspires millions of people dispersed throughout the world br br br br This book provides a broad based introduction to Shi i Islam It examines what the Shi i believe how they see themselves and how they view the world It includes a thorough examination of doctrine philosophy the Shi i approach to the Qur an and the historical evolution of Shi ism as a branch of Islam Too often and too quickly the conclusion is drawn that Shi ism is a marginal heretical sect fundamentally alien to the deeper truth of the great religion of Islam thrust by historical accident onto the political stage Shi ism either speaks the truth of Islam meaning that it is a truth of terror or it is entirely foreign to Islam and therefore merits outright rejection as Islamic fundamentalists and some individuals repeatedly claim This book intends to explain why such common misunderstandings of Shi ism have taken root br br br br Written in an accessible format and providing a thorough overview of Shi ism this book will be an essential text for students and scholars of Islamic Studies or Iranian Studies

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